On a clear day, when the sky opens up and the sun is beaming, you can stand in Nicolas Batum's living room at the top of a Lake Oswego hill and see both Mount Saint Helens and Mount Hood sparkling in the distance.

But on this day, the floor-to-ceiling windows that frame that picture-perfect panoramic view are overshadowed by the remnants of his recent move. A gigantic 90-inch flat screen sits in the middle of the floor, still wrapped in its packaging. Half-built furniture pieces, open boxes of Cocoa Krispies cereal, empty shelves and unopened moving boxes provide Dwight Howard-like defensive obstacles as you roam the house on a tour.

But eventually you can't help but ignore the chaos and soak in the view. Ah, the view.

So this is what $44 million buys you, you say aloud, gazing out at a landscape dotted with fall-colored leaves and city bridges. Batum chuckles.

"It's home," he says. "I like it."