There seems to be more of a sentiment from the New Orleans Saints' fan base for trading down in the NFL draft than in any other year. And that might wind up being the smartest thing the Saints can do with the 15th overall pick Thursday night.

But if that happens, I think it should be considered a disappointment for the Saints. A missed opportunity.

Look, I understand all the reasons it makes sense to trade down. The Saints don't have a second-round pick. They need upgrades at left tackle and throughout their defense. And many draft analysts have suggested that this year's class has more depth than it has star power at the top.

But what the Saints need more than anything out of this year's draft is a big-impact player, especially on that sagging defense.

The Saints actually do have some "decent" talent throughout their defense. A lot of solid, complementary players. Depth isn't their biggest problem.

What they're missing, though, are the kind of dynamic, disruptive players that opposing offenses have to game-plan around.