About 53 hours remained until the NFL draft when Rick Spielman spoke to reporters Tuesday, April 23, so anything the Vikings general manager said was likely to be cloaked in gamesmanship.

But "whether you believe me or not," Spielman said, his phone has been more active this week than it had been leading up to a draft in some time.

"I don't know the reason why, but there are a lot of teams that potentially are jockeying from the top of that second round," Spielman said at Winter Park. "There are some teams jockeying potentially in the bottom of the first round to come up to one of our picks at 23 or 25, and that's something we're going to be very open to."

With the 23rd and 25th overall picks, and needs in a number of spots, this draft could set up well for the Vikings, allowing Spielman to trade a first-round pick, move back in the draft and address more deficiencies.

The general manager said he wasn't strongly considering trading up at this point but couched that, adding "you never know" what will happen on draft night. The first round will be held Thursday night.

Last year, Spielman was able to pick up three extra choices by moving back a spot. The Vikings already have 11 picks this year, and Spielman said he wouldn't be opposed to adding more.

"I never go into a draft saying, 'Well, we feel very comfortable at this position; let's not take a guy because we feel comfortable,' " he said. "You can't predict injury. ... That's why (you) bring in the
best guy and then let them compete and then keep the best. That's the way you're going to continue to make your football team better."