All was generally quiet on the western front last night as the Celtics approached today’s NBA trade deadline.

Much to Danny Ainge’s displeasure.

The president of basketball operations had, to that point, hit roadblocks on moves sources say he wants to make, and there was also a measure of anger that some of his maneuvering has become public.

Ainge may have been downplaying his desire to see something through with the Clippers, who were getting cold feet as they ponder a bold move that could, if things fall into place (and a no-trade clause is waived) net them Kevin Garnett.

Sources were saying again yesterday that while no hard bargaining has taken place, the Clips are aware it would cost them Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan to get Garnett and a greater chance at the 2013 NBA championship.

The Celts were still active, however, on other fronts, though the more interesting of those seemed to be dwindling by the hour.

The Nets did come looking for Paul Pierce, but those talks never went on long enough to reach the serious stage, and some of the other names mentioned in conjunction with the Celtics (Gerald Henderson, etc.) were either never discussed by the execs or were more a tire-kicking expedition.

Ainge was talking in a circle early last evening, perhaps best befitting the uncertain nature of things.

“I think everything’s alive until 12 o’clock (3 p.m. EST) tomorrow, but I don’t think anything’s alive right now,” he said. “It looks like nothing is going on. But you know how it is.”

He added that things had gotten quiet yesterday, which could mean teams won’t be as active as expected, or that deals could happen in a flurry today.