There's a report out there that Minnesota is considering whether to trade wide receiver Percy Harvin, and when you wonder why the Vikings might cast off a dynamic young playmaker who can run, catch and return kicks, consider this: Because it makes sense.

He might be a headache not worth assuming.

OK, so he's versatile and productive. He's hardly indispensable. When he bowed out last season the Vikings were third in the NFC North. When the regular season ended they were 10-6 and one of six teams in the NFC playoffs.

Do the math, people. They were better without him.

Harvin can do a lot of things and a lot of things well, but so could Terrell Owens -- and five clubs couldn't wait to get rid of him. Talent doesn't necessarily win championships or determine playoff teams, and look no farther than this year's Baltimore Ravens. They weren't the most talented club in the NFL. Far from it. But they pulled together down the stretch and won games they weren't supposed to win because they had a chemistry critical to success.

And that's where I'd start with Harvin. Reports allege he was put on injured reserve after a run-in with coach Leslie Frazier in front of teammates, and while people close to the team tell me those stories were overblown it's still a confrontation with the head coach -- and that's not exactly how you build team character.