I couldn't decide what I really thought the Indiana Pacers should do with the 15th pick in a draft filled with solid players but few franchise-changers. How many franchise-changers come at No. 15, anyway?

So I called my good friend, Hoops Junkie, who has an opinion about pretty much everything.

"They need to get E.J.," he told me.

We're talking about this year's draft, Hoops, and you're talking about next year's free agent class.

"Yeah, so. How many players in this year's draft class are going to be better than Eric Gordon?"

Well, probably not many, if any.

"So how much are the Pacers going to change the franchise with this year's draft picks?"

Well, they could get at least one good player and maybe a role player in the second round and . . .

"Yeah, yeah. You talk too much. What's their biggest need? A go-to scorer. Everyone with at least a double-digit IQ knows that."

You don't buy Danny Granger as that guy?

"Please. I'm not sure he's much more than a fairly skilled high-volume shooter on a sub-.500 team. E.J. can go hells bells into the lane, finish with contact, get fouled, hit free throws and shoot from long range. His scoring has gone from 16.1 to 16.9 to 22.3 his three years in the NBA. Granger's the past four years has been 25.8, 24.1, 20.5 and 18.2."

It's not all about scoring.