It has been a busy few months on the NBA’s rumor mill, and on Thursday, it will come to a climax. That’s when the clock strikes on the league’s trade deadline, and the final roster arrangements for the league’s playoff contenders—as well as arrangements for those teams that have given up on postseason hopes—will be set.

Around the league, executives are expecting an active week of deals, but one without marquee names.

“There is a pretty big line out there between the buyers and the sellers,” one GM said. “There are a lot of role players out there who would do well on contenders, playing for teams that are clearly rebuilding. You are going to see a lot of those second-tier names out there, but it is not like you are going to see any All-Stars changing teams.”

Already, we have seen some trades go down, including two major deals that sent potential free-agent forwards to downtrodden teams—Rudy Gay going from Toronto to Sacramento, and Luol Deng being shipped from Chicago to Cleveland.

There have been minor deals, too. The retooling Celtics made two deals at this point—shipping out guard Courtney Lee and Jordan Crawford—and the Nets, too, made two deals to wind up with backup point guard Marquis Teague.