"We never do anything,’’ Carlisle said. "We’ve made one big deal (with the Washington Wizards in 2010) in five years, and it was an important deal -- it helped us win the championship.

"But look, you (media) guys come in every year and ask a lot of questions. Everybody’s tweeting everything. It’s a lot of nothing, really, most of the time.’’

The Mavs players hope "it’s a lot of nothing,’’ so they won’t have to pack their bags and move elsewhere.

"Everybody’s worried about what the players think,’’ Carlisle said. Players don’t care.

"These guys are big boys. They can deal with it. They know they’re in a business where you know this is one of the things you sign up for."

Mavs can’t afford a long losing streak

Starting with Wednesday’s home game against the Orlando Magic, the Mavs were finishing the season with 30 games in 57 days. Meanwhile, there’s one thing center Brandan Wright knows the Mavs can ill-afford to do down the stretch.

"We can’t afford to lose five, six, seven games in a row,’’ Wright said. "If we have a five-game game losing streak it’s going to be pretty much over.

"We just got to come out here and play every night and focus on the things we do best and I think our play will take care of itself.’’

James missed out on being honored

Mavs rookie center Bernard James was scheduled to be honored this past Saturday at the All-Star game in Houston as part as the NBA Cares segment.

James would have been honored for the six years he spent serving in the military. But someone dropped the ball.

When several military folks went onto the makeshift stage in the Toyota Center on Saturday, James was supposed to have been on the stage with them, but it didn’t happen because of a breakdown in communications. In other words, James missed his day in the spotlight.

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