As pleased as Wandy Rodriguez was to survive the trade deadline still an Astro amid calls that went up nearly to the 3 p.m. cutoff, the saga might not be over. He can still be traded, presuming he and the $38 million remaining on his contract clear waivers.

Sunday was just the non-waiver trade deadline, but a different process begins today. The Astros will put all of their players on trade waivers, meaning any team can claim any player. Usually, this will mean nothing, as teams can pull back their player from waivers if they're claimed. They can also let a player go, making the claiming team absorb the player and his current contract.

If nobody claims the player, as may be the case with Rodriguez and his backloaded contract, he may be traded to any team. If dealt by Aug. 31, Rodriguez would be eligible to pitch in the postseason.

Rodriguez, who was signed by the Astros in 1999, admitted to some nervousness on the final day before the major deadline, even though he merely watched Sunday's game. He is scheduled to start Tuesday against the Reds.