Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis and everyone else got exactly what they wanted on Sunday. A 21-17 lead on the road with a third-and-one at the Packers 27 and rookie running back Joe Mixon ready for his 18th carry of the game behind tight end C.J. Uzomah in the “I” formation.

And then Mixon slipped as he bolted out of his stance.

“I’m sure he’s run that play many times in his career, in high school and college,” said Lewis with a how-could-that-happen chuckle on Monday afternoon. “And yesterday he slipped.”

Mixon shook his head and can’t recall it ever happening.

“To my knowledge I don’t think so,” said Mixon Monday, long after the false step began a very real eight-minute march from 1-2 to 0-3.

But the miscue can’t hide the excitement from that huddle in the last drive when the kid told them he was ready to lead them. On this drive that began with 9:43 left in the game at the Bengals 9, they believed when they gave it to him five times for 30 of his 62 yards.

“I was focused. I knew at that moment the team was riding and I was trying to put them on my back,” Mixon said. “I was just telling them, ‘I’m going to get us there.’ They trust and believe me. I was trying to do my thing. That whole last drive, I was more focused than I’ve ever been.”