In just his third season Torrey Smith has found himself as Baltimore's receiving group's leader.

It wasn't something expected necessarily. He was particularly shocked when the Ravens traded Anquan Boldin to San Francisco this offseason. But it's a position he's embraced since it came to him.

And it's something he's not taking for granted either.

"I've always been driven" Smith said. "I never needed anybody to motivate me. I've always wanted to be better. No one's harder on me than me. I'm my biggest critic."

Smith may be a leader on offense. But his coach isn't looking to tag him as "the guy" a label fans and media like to place on players at certain positions.

"I know there’s a narrative out there about all that No. 1 No. 2 [and] No. 3 stuff but Torrey will be the same player as he was last year only better" Harbaugh said. "Of course Anquan won’t be there but other guys will be. He’s gotten better and improved and done a great job like he always does. And he’s having an excellent camp. Torrey is an explosive big-time receiver and people are going to have to deal with him."

At the same time Smith will be the primary option at receiver on offense. He's been a nightmare for the Ravens' cornerbacks in camp of late and that's not meant to be a slight to that particular defensive position group.

Corey Graham Jimmy Smith and Chykie Brown have all had solid camps showcasing their aggressiveness and ball skills at the cornerback with Lardarius Webb limited in practices. But Smith so far in training camp looks to be emerging into a top flight receiver.