No one knows The Great Rivera better than Joe Torre, and the former Yankees manager was not afraid to tell the world the impact Mariano Rivera has had on his illustrious baseball life.

“He basically made my career in ’96 when we came up with the formula to pitch in the seventh and eighth inning,’’ Torre said yesterday at Chase Field. “You become a much better manager when you only have to manage six [innings]. It was remarkable what we had with him and [John] Wetteland.’’

That was just the beginning. Now, the end is finally in sight for Rivera, who will announce tomorrow this will be his last season in pinstripes. The Great Rivera has saved the Yankees in so many ways. On those rare occasions Rivera blew a save, he remained a class act.

Torre is manager of Team USA, which begins play here tonight against Mexico in the World Baseball Classic with R.A. Dickey on the mound, but Torre always will be remembered as the manager of the Dynasty Yankees who won four World Series in five years.

The Yankees would not have won those World Series without Rivera’s ability and character.