Maple Leafs defenceman Mark Fraser wasn't about to back down from his physical responsibilities on Saturday night.

Fraser did the thing he's known for — answering the bell to stand up for his teammates — and that was a must against the tough Boston Bruins at the Air Canada Centre.

Everyone in hockey knows that Boston wages war, and if you don't stand up as a team, you get steamrolled.

The Leafs, and Fraser especially, made it clear they wouldn't back down. It wasn't enough to overcome the 1-0 win Boston carved out, but it did say something about Toronto's effort.

"It's no secret they have big bodies and guys capable of that physical style, but that's what I've been known for . . . sticking up for my teammates, and that's never going to change," said Fraser, who had a pair of tilts against Lane MacDermid that drew appreciative responses from his Leaf teammates.