An autographed picture of the Toronto Maple Leafs was apparently stolen before it got to its intended recipients: a school full of special needs students at Beverley Public School.

"Anyone know who stole the autographed Leaf pics we sent to the special needs class?" tweeted Jason Schwabe, the Leafs community programming representative. "Colton Orr wants to have a chat."

All kidding aside about having the Leafs resident tough guy deal with a thief, there were some puzzled and disappointed faces at the downtown school, which caters exclusively to special needs kids.

"We got an empty envelope," said principal Alana Grossman, who complained to Canada Post. "We didn't know what it was."

When told about the missing contents, Grossman cooed: "It was autographed pictures? Aw."

The Leafs told Grossman they would replace what was stolen. The idea to ship the photo first arose when the Leafs announced open practices for fans after the lockout ended.

"We couldn't go down there," said Grossman. "All our children are in wheelchairs and are mentally delayed."

School staff member Janet Lewis asked if a player could drop by to see the kids. The Leafs said they were too busy at the moment; in the meantime, they sent some autographed pictures. (They are thinking about a visit later in the season.)

"We understand how disappointing it must have been to not receive this very special package," said Anick Losier, media relations director for Canada Post. "We have launched an internal investigation and will do everything we can to find out what happened."