Torii Hunter’s go-to lines — like, ahem, his age — are getting old.

“He says he’s 27,” said Mike Trout, “but he’s really 38.”


“I’m 37, I mean I’m 27,” Hunter just got done saying. “I’ll be 28 Thursday.”

Of course, Hunter actually will be turning 38 on Thursday — another reminder that the end of his playing days is not far away.

That’s what makes weeks like this even more special for Hunter, knowing not only his peers still think enough of his skills to vote him into the All-Star Game, but also that there’s no telling just how many All-Star Games he actually has left. Remember, it wasn’t too long ago he hinted that his two years in Detroit would be his swan song.

So if you see Hunter gazing all around Citi Field, with that big, beaming smile, well you’ll have a pretty good idea why.

“I’m gonna soak all this in,” Hunter said. “I’m gonna have a good time.”

This is the fifth All-Star Game for Hunter — who’s made it with three different teams, the Twins, the Angels and now the Tigers — and his first since 2010. And while you certainly can make the argument other position players might’ve been more deserving, Hunter’s stats (.315, 44 RBIs, 24 doubles) continue to be All-Star caliber.

“It’s special,” said Hunter, “because I’m still healthy, I look good, I feel good, and I’m playing great baseball.”