First and foremost, Torii Hunter is here because he believes the Tigers are his best bet to finally win that World Series ring.

But outside of baseball, there are advantages to being back in the Midwest, after spending the past five years playing for the Los Angeles Angels.

"It's a better time zone. I can call my wife when she's not asleep," Hunter said Friday, laughing, before replaying for the media how that conversation would usually go. "'Hello, what are you doing? Why are you calling me so late?' I can call her and she's gonna be up."

There's much more than that, of course.

A big plus: His son, Torii Jr., a wide receiver, next year will start playing football for Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., just a three-hour drive from Detroit.

Some speculated that was a big reason Hunter targeted the Tigers. And he didn't undervalue that factor.

"I am only two-and-a-half, three hours away from my son," said Hunter, 37, who has another son, Money, an outside linebacker who remains uncommitted for football, but is drawing interest from several Division I schools, including West Virginia. "Not just talking about catching football games, but on a day off I can go out there and hang out with him for a day, and we can have lunch or we can talk. Or he can come here when he has time."