When the Cavaliers face the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight at Target Center, rookies Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams will be on the same court for the first time since the NCAA Tournament.

That's the night Williams dazzled with a 32-point performance in Arizona's win over Irving's Duke Blue Devils in the Sweet 16. That game propelled Williams next to Irving as the top two players available in the draft. Irving spent the summer dismissing the importance of being selected No. 1, and Williams embraced the idea and insisted he was the best player available.

Irving downplayed any comparisons between he and departed Cavs star LeBron James, and Williams welcomed them and said he had the most "star quality" in the draft.

Ultimately, the Cavs disagreed and chose Irving.

The two young stars don't have much of a relationship. Irving said the first time they met was that NCAA Tournament game, then they bumped into each other at predraft camps and finally at the draft.

Now that both are in the NBA, Irving said where they were drafted is irrelevant.

"I think those numbers basically go out the window once you get to the NBA," he said. "It's all about how you integrate yourself with the team and how successful you are with your team. One, two, three, four, all that goes out the window."

While they said all the right things about Williams' athleticism and physical appeal, privately the Cavs didn't have much debate between Irving and Williams.

Cavs coach Byron Scott wanted a true point guard, and Irving was, in the Cavs' eyes, the best overall talent available. Williams could easily carve out a great career for himself, but he entered the draft without a clear position. At 6-foot-8 and 240 pounds, he doesn't quite have the size to be a power forward, but he could struggle defending some of the better small forwards in the league.

Irving is averaging 14.2 points, 5.3 assists and 3.7 rebounds for the Cavs. Williams is coming off the bench for the Timberwolves, stuck behind more established players Kevin Love and Michael Beasley. He is playing about 18 minutes a game and is averaging 7.2 points and 4.2 rebounds.