Tony Romo has not yet been released by the Dallas Cowboys, and no one knows where he will end up this offseason. The stalling has led to speculation about Romo retiring, but it does not sound like he is ready to give up playing just yet.

During an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show” on Friday, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King said Romo recently turned down a “very, very good job offer.” The revelation came after Eisen asked about Romo possibly getting a job with a television network.

“He had a job offer out there. A very, very good job offer that he turned down for now,” King said. “I’m not going to say what it was, but I think it’s interesting that these TV rumors have surfaced. That’s where I believe, eventually one day, Romo is going to have a very good opportunity.”

King said he could also see Romo getting into coaching when the 36-year-old decides he is done playing.