Tony Romo’s ribs are feeling better but the quarterback will likely get another shot before the Cowboys take the field against St. Louis Sunday afternoon.

“I think tentatively we are planning on it just because of the nature of it and what we thought” Romo said. “But we’ll see as we get there.

“It does feel better now than it did last week. It’ll just keep getting better and better this week.”

Romo suffered bruised ribs in the season opener and took a shot before the team’s game against Kansas City. Romo said the shot is effective for anywhere from three to five hours.

Romo sidestepped questions about whether the shot wore off in the late stages of the team’s loss to the Chiefs. But his accuracy declined noticeably in the fourth quarter when he completed just 8-of-15 passes.

“I’ve gotten shot up before in the rib and it seems like it’s a normal part of playing quarterback in the National Football League” Romo said. “You go out there and you play. No one cares about…