With audio now available to back up Dez Bryant's claim that he was saying only positive things when he was seen shouting at Tony Romo in a sideline rant last weekend, the Dallas quarterback was ready to offer a passionate defense of his top receiver.

Romo took care of it without the arm-waving that landed the emotional Bryant in the headlines again.

"Does he need to sometimes maybe look a little different for what's going to be written and talked about? Sure," Romo said Thursday in the Cowboys' locker room.

"Does it really matter in here? No. He's a positive guy who loves his teammates. What else do you want? He's passionate and he comes to work every day with a great attitude.

"I'd like a lot of teammates like that."

Romo tried to warn the masses in the moments after a 31-30 loss to Detroit.

That's because he knew the cameras would catch what was happening right in front of him -- Bryant waving his arms wildly, walking away from the quarterback, turning around abruptly to yell a few more things while coach Jason Garrett made an effort to steer him in another direction.

And he knew Bryant wasn't saying much.

The best sound bite?

"We the best in the NFL on that!" Bryant yelled, slamming a fist into an open hand.

Told you so, said Romo.

"I'm like, everyone's going to go run with it because of the demonstrative hand movements," Romo said.