Saturday night, the Spurs played the Magic in San Antonio. The Spurs were looking for their sixth straight win while Orlando was hoping to win their fifth road game of the season. These two teams are on very different paths. San Antonio beat the Heat in their last outing, and after that emotionally draining game, I thought this was a bit of a trap game for the Spurs. The Magic are pretty terrible this year and I felt it would be difficult for the Spurs to be properly motivated for tonight's game.

It was a very sluggish affair and I couldn't figure out if the Magic were playing well or if the Spurs were playing poorly. The Spurs seemed like a team trying to care and the Magic weren't good enough to really make the Spurs pay, but still managed to keep it close. It was a very strange game to watch. Are the Spurs awful or are the Magic playing great? Why is the game so close? Is the crowd awake? Are you reading this? If the players don't want to be here, does the game really need a recap? I found myself with a lot of unanswered questions.

The disinterested Spurs and the inept Magic were actually pretty evenly matched. Orlando managed to keep the game close for three quarters. The Spurs were unable to go on a real run and so the Magic hung around, hitting shots every so often to be sure they were still within striking distance. San Antonio wasn't in control of the game, but you could just tell that the Magic weren't capable of running away with it. The two teams traded leads many times in the first three quarters. It seemed like the Spurs were a few stops away from putting the Magic away, but they were never able to get those stops. I guess that's a lack of effort, or maybe it was the Magic trying a little too hard. I still don't know.

In the first three quarters the Magic only turned the ball over four times and shot 47% from the field. Going into the fourth quarter, the score was 88-83, Spurs up by five. Now, the Spurs normally shut down teams with the talent of the Magic, but in this game, Orlando really played about as well as possible and so it was close. In the fourth, the Spurs never trailed, but the Magic kept it close.