With a great poker face, Tony La Russa has been evaluating the Diamondbacks for two months. We don't know many details, except he can barely stand to look at his manager.

"It would give me such great joy to give him that pink slip," La Russa said.

La Russa was kidding, of course, referencing the infamous home run Kirk Gibson hit off La Russa's club in the 1988 World Series. But during his grand tour of the organization, it's becoming clear that Gibson is the least of Arizona's problems.

This team doesn't need a fire-breathing manager. It doesn't need a tweaking, as some team officials have suggested. And they don't need to hang on to Brad Ziegler so they can compete for a playoff berth in 2015. They need a total overhaul, from top to bottom.


Here's proof: In 2001, the Diamondbacks delivered the Valley's first major professional championship. Thirteen years later, they're not even in the game. From that perspective, the regression is undeniable.

Oh, they have heart and grit and players who continue to fight on a nightly basis. But they don't have three pitchers capable of winning a game in October. They might not have a pitcher capable of cracking the Dodgers' starting rotation, a condition that will get even worse if Los Angeles is the final destination for Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price.