Would Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien be willing to build his offensive system to suit Johnny Manziel's talents?

Would the Jaguars' Gus Bradley, the Browns' Mike Pettine or Raiders coach Dennis Allen?

For Tony Dungy, this is the question they all must ask as the NFL draft approaches. Manziel is poised to become somebody's new quarterback, but Dungy, the former head coach of the Buccaneers and Colts, says Manziel is not the type of quarterback who will fit into a traditional pro-style offense.

"My two concerns would be, No. 1, if you take him, you've got to build your offense around what he can do," Dungy told The Musers on KTCK AM radio. "Very much what you'd have to do with Tim Tebow. You've gotta make a commitment and say, 'We're going to build around him.' That's not hard to do. You can do that.

"The second concern I'd have is, can he stay healthy?" he said. "We saw it with Robert Griffin -- spectacular athlete, special player. But when you build it on that mobility, you always have the concern: Can he hold up and stay healthy around these big players?"

O'Brien wouldn't figure to be willing to rearrange an entire offensive philosophy for one player. Pocket quarterbacks seem to follow him. As for Dungy's second concern -- Manziel's durability -- you can bet whichever club drafts him will have one eye closed in fear while watching him scramble his way through NFL defenses. Nevertheless, Dungy has no doubt Manziel has the talent to make a big impact in the NFL, as long as he can stay healthy.