Tommy Kelly the new face on the interior of the Patriots defensive front knows exactly what’s coming in the wake of Vince Wilfork’s season-ending Achilles tear.

Shoot he practically filled out a job application to become the offensive coordinator for the Bengals Saints and the Patriots’ other remaining opponents for 2013. But don’t think Kelly isn’t salivating at the opportunity to rip up those impending game plans.

“I’m sure they’re going to try to run the ball more” Kelly said. “I mean we’re lighter up front now. Take Vince out I mean I’d try to run the ball more. That’s being smart but I think we’re more than capable of handling the job. It’s going to be a lot harder without V but we’ve got to get the job done. It’s as simple as that.

“If you’re any type of competitor who wants someone to look at you to me to make me look like a little stepbrother? Without the big brother and you’re going to try me like that? I just told Joe (Vellano) ‘Don’t try to be like V. Be the best Joe Vellano you can be and you’ll be fine.’ ”

Kelly is nothing if not a realist. He’s also got plenty of pride and will take it personally when the Bengals undoubtedly hit them with a dose of BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Giovani Bernard.

After all that’s just good football. If the Bengals don’t try to exploit a fallen All-Pro they’re wrong. And if the Patriots don’t take it upon themselves to stop the run up the middle they better get used to seeing it a whole lot more often.

“Like coach says it ain’t about (the opponents)” Kelly said. “It’s about us. You do your job and you’ll be fine.”

The Patriots have the league’s 14th-ranked run defense. And Kelly has seen offenses use different strategies too as the Pats commonly rotate defensive tackles and Kelly has had his share of reps with Vellano even before Wilfork’s injury.

After all Wilfork played 78.9 percent of the defensive snaps before going down and there were 46 snaps before Sunday when the Pats lined up without him. Kelly certainly knew what to expect during those occasions.

“Yeah they’re always going to try to run against a lighter front but there are plenty of teams that play with light guys 290- 300-pound D-tackles and they get the job done” Kelly said. “And I know Joe can play and I know Chris (Jones) can play. I know (practice squad members) A.J. (Francis) can play and Marcus (Forston) can play so they’ll be fine. It’ll just be a little harder. They might run it more.