Tom Coughlin is a serious man with an unshakable belief in hard work and in the way he has prepared his teams for decades as a football coach. No one who has followed the New York Giants for the past nine years, or knows the history of Coughlin's college and professional coaching career, should be surprised by that.

Thus it should come as no surprise that the new book Coughlin has authored, titled 'Earn The Right To Win,' is a serious endeavor. This is no fluffy, self-serving autobiographical memoir written, with David Fisher, simply to glorify the 66-year-old coach and line his pockets with a few extra bucks.

This is a serious book with a serious purpose, which is hinted at in the book's subtitle -- 'How Success In Any Field Starts With Superior Preparation.'

You do not have to be a fans of the Giants, or even of football, to gain something from this book. Sure, there are lots of Giants stories and some inside details told through Coughlin's eyes that will appeal to Giants' fans. This book, though, is not about football or about entertaining Giants' fans. It uses Coughlin's football experience to teach other lessons.

'Earn The Right To Win' is about how to put yourself, or your organization, is the best position to succeed. The two-time Super Bowl-winning coach, known throughout his career for his many rules, his obsessive attention to detail, his sometimes rigid structure and his occasionally prickly personality lays out his methodology and why he believes so strongly that if you follow it you "Earn The Right To Win" in any walk of life.