You hope there are 31 NFL teams who do not have a bullying problem akin to what we have witnessed with the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin Dolphins.

Of this we can be certain:

The Tom Coughlin Giants are one of them.

As his first order of business Thursday in an assembly room inside the Quest Diagnostics Training Center, Coughlin broached the topic that has gripped, alarmed, angered and saddened all of the NFL and beyond.

He had spoken on Wednesday to his captains, and paraphrased former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld when he met the media, but now he had the attention of his entire team as he began a slide presentation.

“Boundaries are set with freedom in the middle,” Coughlin said. “The boundaries are commitment, responsibility, passion, trust and teamwork. Within those guidelines, there’s plenty of freedom. But no one can cross those five boundaries.”






“We operate between these words,” Steve Weatherford said. “Words like that create a box for the team to operate within. Within these words is freedom.”

Hazing will never be an issue in Tom Coughlin’s house.

“I saw a coach, a leader, a man, stand up to his players and say, ‘We’re not going to have this. If it ever did come up, I will take responsibility. I hope it don’t, but I will,’ ” Peyton Hills said.

“If it’s something that you can’t handle on your own,” Weatherford paraphrased, “My office is open. Please come and see me.”

Coughlin walked out of his Thursday press conference in the field house and stopped in the hallway leading away from the sign above the locker room entrance that greets his players: “NY Giants Championship Culture.”

“That has a lot to do with creating the proper environment … nurturing the player to be the very best he can be,” Coughlin told The Post. “And in that environment, you expect the player to grow and to develop. And, if a player’s not allowed to be in that environment, if he’s insecure, or feels that it’s not a proper environment for his growth, then obviously it’s not going to happen for him.