When Aaron Dobson is standing out on the field in his Patriots uniform muscles bursting out of his 6-foot-4-inch frame it’s hard to remember that he’s just a fresh-faced 22-year-old kid from West Virginia.

So yes his first NFL game two Thursdays ago against the Jets under the bright lights of national television probably was a little much for him to handle. He caught a touchdown but he also had three bad drops as he worked through his stomach butterflies.

Everyone saw Tom Brady screaming up a fit that night when his receivers weren’t in the right spot. But they don’t see how a little parental advice and a quick chat with Brady helped calm Dobson before Sunday’s 23-3 win over the Buccaneers.

“Yeah it was a bad night — had some ups had some downs. I told him to just play don’t worry about the rest of that stuff” said his father Bobby Dobson who attended Sunday’s game with Dobson’s mother and brother. “And he talked to Tom. He said ‘Look I’m a quarterback I’m going to throw some interceptions. You’re a receiver you’re going to drop it. The running backs are going to fumble.’

“Don’t let it affect you on the next play or the next game or whatever. And I think he just took that to heart.”

The reasons the Patriots offense struggled so badly against the Jets and was so efficient against the Bucs seem pretty simple. The Patriots had a short week of practice to prepare for the Jets and an extra long week to prepare for the Buccaneers. And the more Dobson and fellow rookie receiver Kenbrell Thompkins play the more comfortable and less nervous they are going to be on the field.

Dobson caught seven of 10 passes thrown his way Sunday to lead the Patriots with 52 receiving yards. Thompkins only caught three of seven passes for 41 yards but two went for touchdowns the first two of his NFL career.

Both receivers were far more consistent and productive Sunday than in their first games.

“This is my fourth year and even my stomach is a little queasy before each game” said tight end Michael Hoomanawanui who had two catches for 31 yards. “You can’t simulate the feeling of starting an NFL football game. But once you get those first couple plays in get some hits in get your head and shoulders going the game just kind of slows down a little bit.”