The news out of the Board of Governors meetings this week wasn't only music to the ears of players that are scheduled to be free agents this upcoming summer but the summers beyond. The NHL is healthy right now and the cap is likely only going to continue to escalate and escalate in a hurry.

It won't be long until the NHL has its first $10 million salary cap hit. In fact, P.K. Subban could possibly hit that number with his next contract, due before next season in Montreal. But it could be in a couple of years that the bank really gets broken.

With the salary cap making a jump of almost $7 million before next season, it's reasonable to expect that in two years, after the 2014-15 season, the cap could be around $80 million. You know who is slated to become free agents after the 2014-15 season? Blackhawks superstars Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.

There is a growing sense that both are going to ask for a lot of money, as in close to double what they're making right now. What are they making right now? They each have $6.3 million against the cap.