Do the Yankees have “It”?

Because without Curtis Granderson, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira, they sure can use “It” with the season opening today in The Bronx.

Of course, we should start at the beginning: Does “It” even exist? And, if so, what is “It?”

We have entered the most logical age in baseball history. We questions wheter wins and batting average are as valuable as we for so long thought, and we wonder whether items such as “intangibles” and “It” are real and, even if they are, do victories flow from them in any significant way?

By “It,” I really think we are talking culture. Does, say, the loose atmosphere engendered by Rays manager Joe Maddon help Tampa’s players de-stress during the season, further fuel the David-vs.-Goliath ethos of the franchise and — most importantly — help produce wins?

And do the Yankees have their own culture of confidence and expectations that has enabled them to overcome all matter of injuries and roadblocks to make the playoffs in 17 of the past 18 years?

Or is it just talent? For going into last year, I would have believed the Phillies and Red Sox also had built such strong core values they would find a way to navigate any hurdle to remain high-performing teams. But both were beset by injuries and internal/management friction, and suddenly they weren’t who we thought they were.