Major media outlets for years have been lazy in their reporting about Philadelphia sports fans. The same old tropes get hashed and rehashed. The narrative that they almost uniformly impose on isolated incidents of poor fan behavior is that Philadelphia sports fans are acting the fool again, just like always. Feel free to add your Santa Battery Snowball Puking mashup in the comments right?

Now, in what is sure to be a Major Media Trope Death Match, Philadelphia Fans will be pitted against the execrable Delmon Young. This Delmon Young, in case you were under a rock during the last year.

I want to start some sort of discussion about how to deal with Young from a fan's perspective, because I am personally very conflicted and confused about what is appropriate fan treatment. First a little background, then some examples.

I try very hard to talk honestly to my children about sports. I take the Charles Barkley approach and advise them regularly that they should not seek morality lessons from athletic competitions or from athletes.