The post-Madoff, post-Minaya Mets were supposed to be different. Under the leadership of Sandy Alderson, whose forward thinking with the A's ultimately advanced the Q ratings of Billy Beane, Michael Lewis and Brad Pitt with "Moneyball," they were going to pave a new baseball operations path in Flushing.

They largely have lived up to that billing. Yet as they took their turn yesterday in what has been a baseball-wide closer crisis, they sounded surprisingly old-school. They sounded wedded to old ideas and wary of new ones.

Frank Francisco retained his closer's job following a dreadful weekend in Miami and an overall underwhelming start to the season, and he inspired little confidence as he saved the Mets' 3-1 victory over the Brewers last night at Citi Field, allowing Milwaukee's lone run and bringing the go-ahead run to the plate.