TMZ is a well-know celebrity news network, who mainly gets the inside scoop on all of the biggest celebrities. They are the ones that always interview people in public, when they happen to see them out and about in the world.

All the photo is, is a man with pink, flowery socks on. Torrey Smith called him a "queen," likely due to the socks. That's it. It is him making fun of his friend/family member in a friendly way. There's nothing wrong with it.

TMZ decided to take this picture and caption to the next level, though. They came out with an article that's entitled, "Torrey Smith: NFL Player Fires Off Homophobic Slur." Seriously, TMZ?

According to the TMZ Staff, Torrey Smith's caption needs to be compared to San Francisco 49ers' CB Chris Culliver's homophobic slur last season, where he actually talked about gay people in a bad way.