Wide receiver Kendall Wright made an immediate impact as a rookie, leading the Titans in catches and finishing second in yards.

Coaches liked his tenacity and his work ethic. Wright was pleased with the season as well, with one exception: he didn’t make enough big plays. His 9.8 yards per catch was the lowest average among the receivers.

“Once I catch it, I know I can do a lot of things after the catch,” Wright said. “That is my personal emphasis — I just want to catch the ball first and then go, instead of trying to make the move and then catch it. It just doesn’t work like that.”

Wright, the 20th overall pick last year, feels like an offseason under his belt should help. The 5-foot-10 wideout has thinned dramatically, shedding about 15 pounds. Last season he was listed at 196 pounds.

He also has to get comfortable with a couple of wide receivers new to the Titans in second-round pick Justin Hunter and veteran Kevin Walter.