Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak has made the announcement most were expecting in regards to his quarterback. Jake Locker‘s 2013 season is over as a result of the injury he suffered on Sunday. They have not confirmed whether or not this injury would require surgery. This is after he came back from what looked to be an awful hip injury earlier in the season. He also played through a separated shoulder much of last season as well, so he has had trouble staying healthy. This means that Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the quarterback of the Titans for the rest of the year.

As bad as this season was for Locker in terms of injuries, he actually was able to show promise as a passer in what many speculated to be his last shot to own the quarterback position in Tennessee. The Titans have a number of questions to answer this offseason and how they approach the quarterback position and Jake Locker is chief among them. He was effective and able to lead Titans to success early in the year. The Titans have to decide if it was enough to build around the former Washington Husky or if they will attempt to make other arrangements.