Rob Bironas looks at the ball, looks at the uprights, looks back at the ball and begins his routine. Four steps backward, 2½ shuffles to the left. He pauses, takes a breath and kicks.

The kick is good, and Bironas does it all over again. The Titans placekicker, who is participating in organized team activities, will practice hundreds of field goals by the time the Titans season begins Sept. 8.

Bironas, 35, is coming off his worst statistical year since he missed six field goals in each of his first two NFL seasons (2005 and ’06). Last year he was 25-of-31 and had his lowest kicking percentage since 2006.

Since 2006, however, Bironas has been one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL. He’s the third-most accurate kicker in NFL history at 85.6 percent. With 916 points, he trails only Al Del Greco (1,060) as the all-time leading scorer for the Oilers/Titans.

“It’s a little bit of a double-edged sword,” special teams coach Nate Kaczor said. “His percentage for his career is so high, and he’s been very, very, very accurate, it doesn’t take much to drop that standard. … If he’s a little off that standard, it might be acceptable to some, but not to him.”

The Titans showed faith and during the offseason rewarded Bironas with a two-year deal worth roughly $6.7 million. The contract is something else he no longer has to worry about.

“The contract was never an issue. I mean they were either going to sign me, or I’d be playing somewhere else,” Bironas said. “I was glad to sign here, because this is where I want to be, this is where I want to play.”

There are many factors Bironas could point to that have changed throughout his eight years with the Titans, but he makes no excuses for the kicks he missed last season.