This right off the top:

If anyone among you thinks the fact that Drake is a Raptors fan and now some team icon or whatever will have anything whatsoever to do with the fortunes of the franchise you are either naïve or very very very young.

Yes he is a gifted performer and famous and quite accomplished in his field of that there is no doubt. And I’m sure the 2016 NBA all-star weekend party he hosts and you can’t go to will be off the hook (they still say that?)

But here’s the truth:

We have said repeatedly that “re-branding” or attracting new fans or improving the franchise’s reputation will come with on-court success not some flashy association with a famous person. I don’t for one second believe this announcement or coupling will have one iota to do with attracting players; that’s not how the world works.

Yes all-star weekend will be nice and Drake has been a fan and associated with the team for a long time and the Raptors will “win the press conference” this morning as my friend Jack Armstrong says.

When they win games that’s when it counts.

End o’ quick rant.


Now how about that team?

Today is media day with is a slogfest of scrum interviews and taping promotional bits and getting pictures taken and it’s like the first day of school.

Work starts for real tomorrow but today is a fun show and chinwag and the optimism will abound.

We’ll figure out how good they might be over the next few weeks – right not I’d say they have as usual a chance to finish anywhere from sixth to 12th depending on how things shake out – but the enjoyment today is this: