The ball was firing out Ryan Tannehill's hands as if he were playing a game of hot potato.

The decisions made during the one OTA practice the media watched this week were quick, and the passes were more precise.

A dig to Dustin Keller delivered right on the back shoulder of a linebacker.

A quick hitch to Mike Wallace arrived swiftly.

Tannehill noticed Brian Hartline had gotten behind the starting safeties during 11-on-11 drills and floated a deep ball to last year's leading receiver, allowing him to catch it in stride, putting Hartline in a foot race to the end zone just like the one they teamed up for in last year's record-setting performance against the Cardinals.

Tannehill was sharp in that game. He looked like a franchise quarterback, right up to his final snap — a game-sealing fumble in overtime.

During this week's practice, the first where the offense faced the defense, Tannehill looked like a quarterback ready to take that next step. And it was refreshing, exciting to witness.

It is clear Tannehill feels comfortable in year two. This is his offense. These are his new weapons.

The Miami Dolphins are his team. And now he's no longer a green, inexperienced rookie.

Tannehill has turned the page from this time last year, when Miami's 2012 first-round pick looked like he needed a diaper during OTA sessions.

Back then he was being sacked every fourth throw, and was spraying the ball all over the field to long shot receivers he wasn't familiar with. He wasn't Pat White bad, but after watching him in OTA last year few of his teammates felt he was in David Garrard's league, despite running an offense he knew the best.

"Last year at this time my head was spinning. I was just trying to figure out how things worked. I didn't really know how the day went, how the offseason went, how practices went," Tannehill said. "So being in it a year, I am completely comfortable. Now I can go out and focus on all the little things that go into the game."

The biggest question is how far can he take the Dolphins?

We've been on this road before. The Dolphins were supposed to be Chad Henne's team in 2010. Management got him a Pro Bowl receiver in Brandon Marshall and he was expected to take a drastic step forward.

He never did.