Hal Steinbrenner does not want to be disappointed by Alex Rodriguez again, and last night admitted the offensively challenged Yankees need the steroid-stained slugger and most of all need him to act like a Yankee.

It was good to hear Steinbrenner voice a strong opinion on Rodriguez.

When Steinbrenner was asked by The Post if he has been disappointed in A-Rod, he said, “There have no doubt been times we’ve been disappointed in him and we’ve conveyed that to him.

“He understands that,’’ Steinbrenner told reporters on a night the Yankees beat the Indians, 7-4 at Yankee Stadium for only their second win in nine games. “Everybody’s human. Everybody makes mistakes. If you got a guy over the course of 10 years, there are gonna be times any of us makes mistakes in a decade, right?

“We all hope he is going to act like a Yankee and do the best he can to live up to it.’’

The injury-riddled Yankees need help, and as much as some people want A-Rod to just go away, that is not happening. The Yankees signed him to that $275 million deal through 2017 and they want to get some bang for their big bucks — if that is possible from the aging and injured player. A-Rod, 37, is out at least until the All-Star break, rehabbing from hip surgery.

This comes on the heels of Brian Cashman saying in an ESPN interview that life with A-Rod has been “complicated.’’ Cashman noted, “It’s kind of like the Clint Eastwood movie ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.’ ’’

Asked about his GM’s comments, Steinbrenner said, “Well, it’s a big contract to live up to. I didn’t see Brian’s comments, to be honest with you. We just hope he comes back healthy as he did in ’09 after the surgery and we hope he contributes in a big way. He’s a heck of an athlete, and if the surgery has fixed the problem you may see good things out of him. We hope so.’’