Looking at a record of 32-132 over the last two years and little progress on the court, the Timberwolves could have used a few breaks this offseason. So far? Nothing. Not only did Minnesota lose out to the Cavaliers in the NBA's draft lottery -- finishing with the No. 2 pick -- but also potential No. 2 picks like Harrison Barnes and Perry Jones pulled out of the draft.

Now, Minnesota is facing some unappetizing choices on draft night. The Timberwolves could go for presumed No. 2 pick Derrick Williams, but Minnesota already has Michael Beasley in a similar tweener forward role and, given Beasley's off-court issues as a rookie, his trade value is so-so at best. They could take a chance on big man Enes Kanter, though he probably would be available farther down the draft board. Or they could finally get done what they've been working on for weeks now -- a draft-day deal involving the second pick.

Trouble is, the Timberwolves are asking for big value for the second pick, while many other general managers in the league don't feel the pick is worth all that much. The latest from Minnesota has the team targeting Lakers forward Pau Gasol, for example, but they'll only make a deal if it does not involve incoming point guard Ricky Rubio or All-Star power forward Kevin Love. Which means the Lakers have little reason to come to the table.

Heck, if the Wizards wouldn't give up JaVale McGee for the No. 2 pick (and they were asked), the Lakers sure aren't going to give up Gasol. Some other potential deals, though, make a little more sense.

BUCKS: A rumor here involved center Andrew Bogut and the Bucks' No. 10 pick for No. 2 and some fodder, but that's simply not happening -- Bogut is too good a player. Still, perhaps the Bucks could be enticed into dealing him, because Bogut has had such a hard time staying healthy. He has missed at least 13 games in four of five years since he was a rookie. Cut the No. 10 pick out of the deal and offer Bogut (perhaps with Larry Sanders or Ersan Ilyasova) for the No. 2, Martell Webster and Milwaukee's choice of centers Darko Milicic or Nikola Pekovic, and the Bucks, who still very much like Bogut, would at least have to listen.