With the NFL’s first cutdown day around the corner Tim Tebow was asked if was worried about making the Patriots roster.

“No” Tebow said yesterday. “I’m just worried about improving every single day.”

Improving on Friday’s performance against the Buccaneers certainly won’t be hard. Tebow didn’t run the read-option offense which is more suited for his skill set and struggled mightily. The 26-year-old was 1-of-7 for minus-1 yard with an interception.

Yesterday he talked about his numbers and how he felt about the performance.

“Well you definitely want to do better in some areas and also you have different things happen that you just try to handle the best way you can” Tebow said. “We did some different things (offensively) but whatever’s called we run and just have to execute.”

Tebow never will be confused for a pocket passer but when he ran the read-option in the team’s first preseason game against Philadelphia he had better results. He still had a low completion rate (4-of-12 for 55 yards) but was able to do what he does best — run. Tebow rushed the ball four times and averaged 7.8 yards per carry.

Instead of focusing on making the Patriots Tebow has been adamant he’s just focused on practice. He was in good spirits when asked if this training camp has made him hungry.

“No I eat enough” Tebow said. “Just kidding. You just have fun every single day in practice and try to improve and get better.”