Tim Tebow has yet to find a suitable NFL home as he heads into his fourth season as a professional football player. Adam Schein of NFL.com has found him one. The columnist penned a letter to the quarterback on Tuesday, explaining to the former University of Florida standout why he needs to spend 2013 in a Patriots uniform. “You are a winner, and so are the Patriots,” Schein writes. “It makes too much sense. They can deal with the headache you’d bring and the cult following you possess. As your old teammate Von Miller told me, ‘The Patriots can handle everything that comes with Tim Tebow.’ Nobody is ever bigger than the team in New England, and no player is bigger than [Tom] Brady.” Schein adds that Tebow needs to swallow his pride and be Bill Belichick‘s “slash” player. Tebow, who believes he can be a successful starting quarterback, is told by Schein that if he wants to be a quarterback, he’d have to go to Canada (adding, “frankly, you aren’t even a fit for the passing league up north”). But Belichick and Belichick’s offensive coordinator (who is also Tebow’s former coach), Josh McDaniels, have a place for the Jet — both in their hearts and on the field. “Nobody in the NFL loves and respects you more than Josh McDaniels,” he writes. “That’s why the Patriots offensive coordinator [and former Broncos coach] plucked you in the first round in 2010. That’s why he staked his name and reputation to your skill set. McDaniels knows what you can do — and what you can’t. Think about it for a second, Tim. ‘Here’s Tim Tebow, split out wide. Here’s Tim Tebow, lined up in the backfield. Here’s Tim Tebow to run the option for a play.’ The skeptic might ask how one can take out Tom Brady. Consider it a carry for the running back. If Pats tight end Aaron Hernandez can get a touch running the football, so can you.”