We believe this makes it official: Everyone has weighed in on Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. Former NFL wide receiver Tim Brown was asked about the Manziel autograph "scandal" and he thinks that universities don't do enough to protect their student-athletes.
"In particular Johnny Manziel -- I think they just allowed him too much freedom" Brown said Monday via WNDU.com. "He's an underclassman and is still in a position where he has eligibility.

"I've been in two places where he was unsupervised. I was in Connecticut and I was in Florida and he was there on official school business with no one there with him. I don't know how smart that is. ..

"He had nobody with him representing him from the university" Brown added via the SouthBendTribune.com. "They just sort of left him out there. If somebody from A&M had been there he wouldn't have been involved in that situation. It's really incumbent on people around him to protect him. If you walk around with no money and someone says 'Hey here's $10000 to sign of a couple hundred items' that's going to be hard to turn down."

Which probably has a lot to do with Manziel's current predicament.