Hey, May, you have a tough act to follow.

Your pal, April, went out roaring.

The Tigers ended the opening month of the season on three high notes: A) a 6-1 victory on Tuesday night over the Twins; B) a five-game winning streak which Anibal Sanchez will try to stretch to six in Wednesday's day game. .

And C) a 15-10 record, their best in April since 2006, Jim Leyland's first year as the Tigers' manager.

What's suddenly come together?

"Timely home runs and good starting pitching," Leyland said.

So, congrats. If you realized the Tigers' power has been a key factor during the streak, you were right.

They hit three more home runs in this game: One each for Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder with a runner on, plus a solo shot for Alex Avila.

"That's how you get ahead in games and also how you catch up in games," Leyland said.

But if you'd rather give most of the credit to the Tigers' pitching, you can do that, too. In fact, you can't really go wrong giving the credit anywhere you choose, unless you forget yourself and give it to Delmon Young.

But, what the heck, Delmon played in his first game of the season on Tuesday night, and hit a home run for the Phillies, who lost in Cleveland 14-2 — a game in which, uh, another former Tiger, Ryan Raburn, hit his third and fourth home runs of the last two games.

Unlike the Phillies, though, the Tigers had no such hill to climb. The only bump was a bout of wildness in the ninth for Al Alburquerque.

"You have to come out of the bullpen throwing strikes," Leyland said.

"You can't be walking people. It's that simple."

But with Justin Verlander on his game (except for a long second inning) and Twins' starter Vance Worley assuredly not, the Tigers took the lead on Cabrera's home run in the first, restored it to two runs on Avila's in the second, and stretched it to five in the fifth when Fielder connected.

"He probably would have lasted longer if it hadn't been for the second inning," Leyland said of Verlander. "But he did well, as he always does."

Along the way, Cabrera set a Tigers record for most April RBI's with 28.

At least, it's a record since 1921, which is as far back as the team's data bases go.

Fielder ended up tying the record with 27.

Cabrera and Torii Hunter, with a hit each, also tied Placido Polanco's April record (also since 1921) with 37 hits for the month.

Now it's likely that Ty Cobb in 1911 (the year he had 248 hits) had a good many of those in April - but, remember, that season didn't start until April 13.

In that case, maybe not.

It's not known if 48 is a Tigers' record for most strikeouts in one full turn of the rotation, but it could be.

The turn began with Sanchez's 17 against the Braves, and continued with five for Rick Porcello, eight for Doug Fister, 10 for Max Scherzer and eight for Verlander.

Verlander allowed one run on five hits in seven innings as he improved his record to 3-2 with a 1.83 ERA.

If 3-2 doesn't sound like much, think again.