This is it for the Torii Hunter reunion tour. Consider it complete.

Hunter has played for only two teams other than the Tigers and with his return to Angels Stadium on Friday night, he's played against both already this season.

Minnesota still loves him — and he still loves Los Angeles, at least his former teammates.

If it's with the Twins that his major league career was born, it's "here in Anaheim that I was adopted," Hunter said before Friday night's game. "They brought me in.

"I built relationships here. And once you build relationships, it's hard to tear them down."

Hunter equated a series against the Angels like a "pickup basketball game against your brothers or cousins.

"You want to beat them, but afterward, you also want to have dinner with them," he said.

Manager Jim Leyland said the Tigers haven't found out anything about Hunter that they, and the teams for which Hunter has played, didn't know before.

"He's fun to be around," Leyland said. "He's a dignified person, a great guy, a very instinctive player and a very good player. He's really been impressive.

"I like the way he plays the game."

Hunter collected two hits Friday night against his former team, and scored the Tigers' only run in an 8-1 loss.