There are increasing indications that the Tigers will try to trade at least one high-priced player this off-season to keep their payroll from ballooning beyond its current enormous size.

Perhaps the only players exempt from being traded are Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander.

It would be a shock if Tigers officials said they are looking to make a trade to control the payroll. But enough pieces of information exist to suggest that is their strategy. They include:

■ Verlander and Cabrera are headed for a big raise within a few years. Verlander’s annual salary will jump by $6 million per year in 2015. Cabrera will make $22 million on each of the two remaining years of his contract. There’s no telling how large a raise the Tigers would have to give him to keep him from leaving as a free agent after the 2015 season.

■ Starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez will receive a $7-million raise this coming season under his multiyear contract.

■ At the annual general managers meetings in mid-November, club executives explore deals. At those meetings four years ago, media reports emerged that the Tigers had told teams that Curtis Granderson was available. Within weeks, they traded him to the Yankees.

There are now reports that at last week’s GM meetings, the Tigers told clubs they will listen to trade offers for Max Scherzer, Prince Fielder and Rick Porcello. Each is a logical trade candidate.