So, the Tigers have come home 9-9.

Not good, not bad. Not great, not terrible.

Just shoulder-shrugging average.

Have they surprised you so far? Probably, because you didn't think they'd end their trip with four straight losses after starting off well against an A's team that was the hottest of the three they would face.

Have they disappointed you so far? Perhaps a little because your expectations are high, and expectations don't co-exist comfortably with bases left loaded and runners not driven in.

But, look, the Tigers have been through this before, and so have you. If you thought at the beginning of the season that they were the best team in the American League Central, as you no doubt did, has anything so drastic really happened for you to change that opinion?

Didn't think so.

You're a little grumbly today, though, because you think of the Tigers as better than a 9-9 team, especially after they were 9-5 following last Wednesday's game against the Mariners.

At the time, you might have seen coming home 12-6, considering they'd just won the game started by the best pitcher they were going to face on the trip, Felix Hernandez.

There was nothing wrong with your expectations.

There was a lot wrong if you counted the chickens hatched, however.

The Tigers didn't stop hitting as much as they stopped scoring.