They do not understand why or how it happens.

But the Tigers fear the inexplicable bludgeoning of Alex Avila by foul balls a stream of deflections that have mounted during his years in Detroit could be endangering a friend and teammate even more than they threaten the catcher’s career.

Avila was moved Sunday to the 7-day disabled list reserved for concussed players after he was scratched from the starting lineup in the Tigers’ 5-4 loss to the Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

Bryan Holaday who has been working at Triple A Toledo will replace Avila for tonight’s game against the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field.

“I think I’m more concerned for him personally” said Justin Verlander the Tigers starter Sunday who along with his teammates Tigers manager Jim Leyland and the Tigers front-office staff has no clue why the 26-year-old catcher appears so inordinately vulnerable to foul tips.

“Hopefully this is a non-issue for him and he’ll be feeling a lot better.”

Avila is scheduled to be examined today in Detroit the second time in the past four days Avila will have been evaluated by team physicians. After getting knocked out of Thursday’s game against the Indians at Cleveland Avila was given a CT exam in Cleveland ahead of a Friday session with doctors in Detroit.

He was cleared to play for the Yankees series and worked nine innings in Saturday’s victory at Yankee Stadium. He was scheduled to start Sunday’s game but complained of nausea a headache and general discomfort following batting practice.

Avila was scratched and later Sunday was moved to the 7-day DL.

“Hopefully this will get ironed out pretty quick” said Leyland who this week will use a new catching tandem of Brayan Pena and Holaday who was batting .262 at Toledo and who during the past two seasons has played in 10 games for the Tigers.