Who’s on first? Who’s on third?

The Tigers continue to say they’re not yet sure, even in the wake of reports out of Venezuela that Miguel Cabrera has informed ballclub brass he is open to moving back to first.

“We are not prepared to answer that question yet,” Dave Dombrowski, Tigers president and general manager, said in an email to The News.

Dombrowski also would not confirm the reported discussion with Cabrera.

He did say, however, the team will have a much better idea of its direction in the coming week. That makes sense, because the sooner the Tigers know which way they’re going, the sooner they’ll know who they want to target on the free-agent market. And they’ll want to have a pretty solid plan with things set to heat up, ahead of next week’s winter meetings in Orlando, Fla.

The internal options, of course, are plentiful.

■Cabrera could stay at third, Victor Martinez could play first, and top prospect Nick Castellanos could play left field. That would leave the Tigers searching for someone to take over most of the designated-hitter duties.

■Cabrera could stay at third, Martinez could remain the DH, and Castellanos could remain in left field — and the Tigers could shop for another first baseman, such as Justin Morneau, who’d be cost-effective and enjoys Comerica Park.

■Cabrera could move to first, Martinez could remain the DH, and Castellanos could transition back to third, his natural position — leaving the Tigers searching for a free-agent left fielder, such as a Nate McLouth, Carlos Beltran or Shin-Soo Choo.

■Cabrera could move to first, Martinez could remain the DH, and Castellanos could remain in left — and the Tigers, instead, could go searching for a new third baseman, which would be best addressed in a trade, with Chase Headley of the San Diego Padres one potential target.

■Or the Tigers could think way outside the box — a strength of Dombrowski’s, who did, after all, just hire newbie Brad Ausmus as manager — and leave Cabrera at third and Castellanos in left, move Martinez to first, shift Alex Avila to mostly DH, and look for a full-time catcher. Avila would figure to benefit, health-wise, from a reprieve from catching, and this would not be unprecedented. The Minnesota Twins did just move Joe Mauer from catcher to first base, with this in mind. The Baltimore Orioles are said to be shopping catcher Matt Wieters.