Nick Castellanos understands all about his move to the outfield.

He understands that some of the best players of all time changed positions more than once to accommodate the lineup needs of their teams.

Pete Rose came up as a second baseman, then became an outfielder, a third baseman and finally, at age 38, a first baseman.

Miguel Cabrera, who once upon a time was a shortstop, became a third baseman in the minors, broke into the majors as a leftfielder, then became a third baseman again, then became a first baseman, then became a third baseman again.

Castellanos understands why the Detroit Tigers have moved him from third base to the outfield. Cabrera is signed for three more years. First baseman Prince Fielder, who plays the only position Cabrera now plays besides third base, is signed for eight more years.

Designated hitter? Victor Martinez, now officially listed as "designated hitter" -- as opposed to catcher -- on the team's roster, is signed for two more years. And Cabrera and Fielder relish playing in the field. One morning of watching infield practice in spring training shows that.

"It's whatever is going to benefit the team," Castellanos said Wednesday. "Obviously, Miguel playing third base is going to be the best not only for our team, but for any team he is going to be on. If I want to play in the big leagues, I have to switch positions.

"I understood that as soon as we signed Prince, and now I'm just working toward it."

Castellanos understands there's a lot more to the outfield than just catching routine fly balls. Outfield coach Tom Brookens worked extra with him one day this week on charging balls and making a throw.