You have to wonder if Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera could have made the play last season in Sunday’s 9-0 win vs. the Houston Astros, so we’ll let the reader be the judge.

The Astros’ Brandon Laird led off the fifth inning with a grounder that forced third baseman Cabrera to move quickly to his left.

He had to dive to field it cleanly, but instead of jumping to his feet, he used his momentum to roll into a throw to first.

Although it bounced, he had enough on it to narrowly beat Laird to the bag.

“When I saw him dive for it, I was hoping he would be able to get up quickly and make a nice throw. But when I saw him roll over and throw it like a grenade, I’m like, I don’t know if that’s going to get there,” starting pitcher Justin Verlander said to laughter.

With Verlander nursing a no-hit bid, the play could have proven more significant.